Malatan-og Falls Viewing Deck

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Malatan-og Falls Viewing Deck - Philippines
Malatan-og Falls Viewing Deck - Philippines
@realxroland - Unsplash
Malatan-og Falls Viewing Deck
📍 Philippines
Malatan-og Falls Viewing Deck is located in Don Salvador Benedicto in the Philippines, approximately 6 to 7 hours away from the capital city, Manila.

The falls viewing deck offers unspoiled views of the beautiful hidden Malatan-og Falls. It's an excellent place for nature lovers, adventure seekers and photographers. The towering falls plunge down the rocky slopes into a pool of sparkling water, surrounded by lush foliage. From the viewing deck, you can glimpse the impressive view of the surrounding mountains that offer a beautiful backdrop to the cascading falls. You will also find a large traditional hammock tied among two trees on the deck. You can find many photo opportunities around the falls. It is possible to climb down the path that leads to the bottom of the falls, but be aware that the walk is steep and rugged. The place is perfect for enjoying the peace and relaxing sounds of nature. There is plenty of wildlife to explore and plenty of spots to sit and relax. Safety procedures must be observed when visiting the falls, like proper shoes with good grip and avoiding slippery terrain. And don't forget to bring enough drinking water!

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