Maiden's Tower

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Maiden's Tower - Desde Salacak Liman, Turkey
Maiden's Tower - Desde Salacak Liman, Turkey
@t_ahmetler - Unsplash
Maiden's Tower
📍 Desde Salacak Liman, Turkey
Maiden’s Tower is an iconic structure located in Salacak, Turkey. Its origin remains uncertain, but some theories suggest that it was built during the Byzantine era (5th century). It was built on a tiny islet located 250 metres from the shore of the European side of the Bosphorus Strait and there is a bridge connecting it to the mainland. The purpose of the tower still remains a mystery, as it could be a lighthouse, a watchtower, or even a toll house.

From the tower, visitors will get a great view of both Europe and Asia, as well as the legendary city of Istanbul. The 8-storey tower is now an established monument and a tourist attraction in Turkey. Maiden's Tower Museum is located inside the tower and it is a great place to learn all the legends associated with the ancient building, as well as its interesting historic background. The tower is also a major photography spot, known for its beautiful and peaceful atmosphere. Tourists can take a boat cruise around the tower, or take a leisurely stroll around the Salacak shore to capture the Tower in its beautiful setting. The Maiden's Tower also makes a great backdrop for weddings, making it one of the most romantic spots in Istanbul.

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