Magdeburg Cathedral

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Magdeburg Cathedral - Desde Hubbrücke Magdeburg, Germany
Magdeburg Cathedral - Desde Hubbrücke Magdeburg, Germany
@sauer - Unsplash
Magdeburg Cathedral
📍 Desde Hubbrücke Magdeburg, Germany
The Magdeburg Cathedral, located in the heart of Magdeburg, Germany, is a remarkable example of gothic architecture. It was once the home of the Archbishopric of Magdeburg, the main power center for northwest Germany in the Middle Ages. Built between 1209 and 1520, the cathedral is renowned for its elaborate interior, including its vast main hall, high vaulted ceilings, stained-glass windows, and baroque ornamental carvings. Its grandeur is even more impressive when seen from the outside, with its two iconic towers, distinctive Gothic style portals, and intricate stonework. As one of the most important surviving monuments in Europe, Magdeburg Cathedral is a must-see for visitors to Germany. The cathedral is open daily to visitors and tourists alike, who can view its remarkable interior and discover its rich history.

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