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Lugano - Desde Balcone D' Italia, Italy
Lugano - Desde Balcone D' Italia, Italy
📍 Desde Balcone D' Italia, Italy
Lugano is a city in Switzerland, located on the lake of the same name, in close proximity to the Italian border. With its Mediterranean climate and breathtaking Alpine landscapes, Lugano is a popular tourist destination and a great gateway to Switzerland’s most beautiful regions. Surrounded by lakes, meadows and 16th century architecture, it provides spectacular views of the Italian and Swiss Alps. Its cobblestone streets are lined with grand villas and ancient churches and the air is filled with the music from traditional Swiss lounges and restaurants.

Just across the border in Italy is Arogno and its famous 'Balcone D' Italia' or Balcony of Italy, a stunning balcony-shaped promontory offering spectacular views of the lake and the nearby mountains. From this point the entire gulf, the two arms of the lake, the Val Collamato, Malcantone, the Monte Generoso and the other limestone mountains of the foothills of the Alps can be seen, making it a true paradise for photographers.

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