Lübeck's houses

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Lübeck's houses - Desde Riverside, Germany
Lübeck's houses - Desde Riverside, Germany
@blakeswelt - Unsplash
Lübeck's houses
📍 Desde Riverside, Germany
Lübeck's houses are one of the most iconic sites in Lübeck, Germany. Located in the heart of the city, these charming medieval merchant houses lay side by side along the cobblestone streets. The majority were built along the banks of the Trave River in the 12th and 13th centuries, turning the city into a powerful trade center and a significant presence in the Hanseatic League. The most important buildings have their gables facing the river, forming a beautiful skyline. Key architectural features to look out for here are steeply pitched roofs, stepped gables and intricately carved bay windows. Don't forget to take photos of the charming plaques which are mounted to their facades – they detail the house's owners and years of construction.

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