Lower Antelope Canyon

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Lower Antelope Canyon - United States
Lower Antelope Canyon - United States
@madhu_shesharam - Unsplash
Lower Antelope Canyon
📍 United States
Lower Antelope Canyon, located in LeChee in the United States, is a breathtakingly stunning canyon that offers some of the most stunning views and photo opportunities in the country. You must book a guided tour to visit this narrow sandstone slot canyon, as the area is sacred to Navajo Indians and can be dangerous for hikers. Popularly known as "The Corkscrew" because of its undulating, spiral pattern, Lower Antelope Canyon boasts vibrant colors and an abundance of otherworldly shapes and forms that are unique to the area. With its dramatically curved spires and creeping shadows, the canyon will take your breath away as you explore deeper into its secret depths. A visit to this majestic natural wonder will leave you with a newfound appreciation of nature's beauty.

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