Lourdes Umerez: "Hatxeroa"

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Lourdes Umerez: "Hatxeroa" - Spain
Lourdes Umerez: "Hatxeroa" - Spain
Lourdes Umerez: "Hatxeroa"
📍 Spain
Located in the province of Gipuzkoa in the Spanish autonomous Basque region, Hatxeroa is a stunning beach that provides spectacular views of the Bay of Txingudi. The area is well-known for its picturesque landscape, offering white sand beaches stretching several kilometres, as well as meadows, cliffs and cliffsides, making it the ideal place for nature lovers. At Hatxeroa, visitors can enjoy the presence of numerous rare species, such as the Basque geelayak. Hikes, swimming and leisure activities are all available at the beach, making it the perfect summer holiday destination. It's also a great area for cycling and kayaking in the summer months. Don't forget to bring your camera – Hatxeroa is sure to provide lifelong memories!

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