Lombard Street

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Lombard Street - Desde Middle point, United States
Lombard Street - Desde Middle point, United States
@kwhatswong - Unsplash
Lombard Street
📍 Desde Middle point, United States
Lombard street, famously known as "the crookedest street in the world," is located in the Russian hill neighborhood in San Francisco, United States. The street is a one-way street that stretches between Hyde and Leavenworth Street and features a steep, one-block section with 8 hairpin turns. There are landscaped gardens and picturesque street views, with houses climbing up the tight curves of Lombard Street. Along the one-block stretch of the street, visitors can get some great pictures with their cameras. Although Lombard street can get quite busy, it's a fun and unique spot to visit, and a must-see spot in San Francisco.

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