Loftsalahellir Cave

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Loftsalahellir Cave - Iceland
Loftsalahellir Cave - Iceland
@r3dmax - Unsplash
Loftsalahellir Cave
📍 Iceland
Loftsalahellir Cave is a popular but easily-missed destination in Skeiðflötur, Iceland. Its name comes from the Icelandic words for “Lofts” meaning air and “hellir” meaning cave, which adorn its entrance. The cave was formed when part of a cliff-face crumbled, exposing a crevice that is accessible by those willing to bravely climb down a few meters. The walls of the cave are lined with beautiful basalt columns and create a majestic visual experience - and what better way to start your Icelandic adventure than by exploring a unique Icelandic cave. The area is also host to grazing sheep and typical Icelandic scenery, so don’t forget to take your camera! The area can be accessed all year round, but many visitors advise caution when approaching in bad weather due to the exposed nature of the rocks.

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