Little Adam's Peak

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Little Adam's Peak - Desde Trail, Sri Lanka
Little Adam's Peak - Desde Trail, Sri Lanka
@danielcgold - Unsplash
Little Adam's Peak
📍 Desde Trail, Sri Lanka
Little Adam's Peak is a popular viewpoint located in Ella, Sri Lanka. Its name originates from its resemblance to its bigger 'brother' just a few kilometers away - the famous Adam's Peak. Little Adam's Peak stands at 1141 m of elevation and it offers the most beautiful views of Ella's rural area with its emerald green hills, plantations and villages. The hike to the peak takes about an hour and a half and is easy to moderate, with several stairs and platforms. The view from the top is worth the effort ! From the peak, you will can see the village of Ella below, followed by the Ravana Ella waterfalls (or Ravana Falls) and the surrounding Tea Plantations. Make sure you have a good pair of shoes and plenty of water, it can get quite hot in the summer.

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