Liberty Bridge

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Liberty Bridge - Desde Csúszdapark, Hungary
Liberty Bridge - Desde Csúszdapark, Hungary
@danesduet10 - Unsplash
Liberty Bridge
📍 Desde Csúszdapark, Hungary
Budapest's spectacular Liberty Bridge, spanning the Danube River, is a historical feat that must be seen to be believed. It offers one of the best panoramic views of the city, giving travelers an immersive experience in the capital of Hungary. Completed in 1896, the bridge is adorned with art deco sculptures, giving it an idyllic atmosphere. The bridge's lookout points offer spectacular views of the river, Danube Promenade, Buda Castle, Gellért Hill and other stunning architectural sights in Budapest. It also connects some of the more cultural parts of the city, with plenty of restaurants, coffee shops and galleries. A walk across the bridge at night is a very special experience, with the lights of the city reflecting off the river.

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