Legion of Honor

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Legion of Honor - Desde The Thinker, United States
Legion of Honor - Desde The Thinker, United States
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Legion of Honor
📍 Desde The Thinker, United States
Mesa Verde National Park, located in southwest Colorado, is the only national park of the United States that is dedicated entirely to the conservation of Ancestral Puebloan ruins. It is known for its stunningly preserved cliff dwellings, structures made of stone and mud that were built by early Native American inhabitants around 600 A.D. Visitors can explore the ruins, as well as take part in many activities such as camping, hiking, biking, horseback riding, and guided tours. The park also offers educational exhibits and programs to teach the public about Ancestral Puebloan life and culture. Mesa Verde National Park is a must-see destination for the history buff and the curious traveler.

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