Le Mont de Baulmes

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Le Mont de Baulmes - Switzerland
Le Mont de Baulmes - Switzerland
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Le Mont de Baulmes
📍 Switzerland
Le Mont de Baulmes is an ancient iron-age fortress situated on a high plateau overlooking the village of Baulmes in Switzerland. The site dates from circa 1000 BC and is among the best preserved sites of its kind in Europe. Its remains are composed of various fortifications including ditches, steep ramparts and circular towers.

The ruins still retain many of its original features, offering visitors a glimpse of the defensive strategies used by pre-Roman Celts. It is believed that the fort was constructed to protect Baulmes from invading forces. Today, the site provides a spectacular view of the surrounding region, with an expansive view of the Alps to the south. Le Mont de Baulmes is popular with both hikers and sightseers. Its slopes are easily accessible and offer an array of activities, such as walking and mountain biking. Visitors can also explore the ruins and sample local delicacies at the nearby restaurants. It is also home to a notable collection of medieval art, including sculptures and frescoes, which are scattered around the site. The area is also home to several rare species of plants, making it a great spot for nature lovers.

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