Le Hameau de la Reine

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Le Hameau de la Reine - Desde Park, France
Le Hameau de la Reine - Desde Park, France
@matreding - Unsplash
Le Hameau de la Reine
📍 Desde Park, France
Le Hameau de la Reine and Park is a popular tourist attraction in Versailles, France. The complex consists of several charming cottages situated around a beautiful lake. It was created by Marie-Antoinette for her own private retreat, as she often hosted parties and dinners here. Today, the picturesque place is open for visitors to explore, with interesting historic features to uncover. It includes a rustic bridge, a guinguette, a dry fountain, a waterfall and an oval basin used to play croquet. Many small statues of animals, birds and children are scattered throughout to compliment the rural feel. The park offers a tranquil atmosphere for walking and picnicking amongst nature. After your exploration, the nearby palace and gardens of Versailles offer great sights to see.

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