Le Celle

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Le Celle - Desde Entrance Bridge, Italy
Le Celle - Desde Entrance Bridge, Italy
Le Celle
📍 Desde Entrance Bridge, Italy
Le Celle is a charming monastery in Cortona, Italy. It served as a hermitage for St. Francis of Assisi during the 13th century, and its rural location offers a peace and serenity that can be hard to find elsewhere. The monastery is situated on a hill east of the city and is surrounded by ancient olive trees, which provide a picturesque backdrop for wandering. Inside its walls, one can explore its stunning chapel, which displays a magnificent array of frescoes and paintings. Other highlights include beautiful cloisters, steep staircases, and the 14th-century underground rooms which even now retain their medieval temple atmosphere. Le Celle offers visitors a unique opportunity to see a little piece of Tuscany’s past and experience the life of a hermit.

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