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Lange Anna - Desde Oberland Helgoland, Germany
Lange Anna - Desde Oberland Helgoland, Germany
@exdigy - Unsplash
Lange Anna
📍 Desde Oberland Helgoland, Germany
Lange Anna is a striking rock pillar in Helgoland, an island in the North Sea off the coast of Germany. The towering red sandstone monolith stands some 20 meters (66 ft) tall and offers stunning views of the surrounding seas, the lighthouse on the island, and the smaller neighboring islets. Thousands of birds flock to Lange Anna as they migrate between Europe and Africa, making it a great spot for wildlife lovers and birdwatchers. The monolith can be accessed by a stairway leading up to a viewing platform at the top. The red sandstone, lacing of green algae, and the ocean views make for some beautiful sightseeing experiences, perfect for photographers looking for unique compositions and a great spot for adventure.

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