Landmark Center

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Landmark Center - Desde Inside, United States
Landmark Center - Desde Inside, United States
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Landmark Center
📍 Desde Inside, United States
Landmark Center, located in the heart of downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota, is an architectural treasure and a historically rich cultural destination. Home to museums, galleries, and performing arts, the building is a stunning four-story Romanesque Revival structure built in 1902. This impressive structure boasts more than 200 suite rooms, each outfitted with Tiffany glass mosaics, large chandeliers, elegant stained glass windows, and warm, inviting hardwood floors. It also houses five outdoor plazas and permanent outdoor exhibits. There is a modern Art and Culture Gallery, the Anderson Gallery, and other special exhibits to explore. Landmark Center is a great destination for art, history, and culture lovers and anyone looking for an exciting day out in the city.

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