Lago Traful

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Lago Traful - Desde Cerro Negro, Argentina
Lago Traful - Desde Cerro Negro, Argentina
Lago Traful
📍 Desde Cerro Negro, Argentina
Lago Traful in Villa Traful, Argentina is a stunning tourist destination. Located in the Andes Cordillera, the lake winds around the luscious green hills that border it and is fed by the Traful River. Traful is a renowned angling destination, supported by its abundant and healthy stock of rainbow trout and brook trout. From the lake, visitors can admire the striking views of the surrounding mountains, with its crystal clear waters making it a popular spot for leisurely boat rides on the lake. The surrounding forests of the lake provide stunning hiking trails to the top of Cerro Machete and along the banks of the Traful River. From the shores of the lake, visitors can spot a variety of local wildlife such as Andean gulls, steamer duck, Andean geese and Magellanic woodpecker.

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The last section before the peak is very difficult with a lot of wind and loose stones.
Wear a good coat even if it's warm below
Carry water that you will not be able to carry your bottle in the 2 hours of trekking
A little promoted peak but one of the most beautiful views of Villa Traful
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