Lago di Braies

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Lago di Braies - Desde East Path, Italy
Lago di Braies - Desde East Path, Italy
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Lago di Braies
📍 Desde East Path, Italy
Lago di Braies, located in the Prags valley of the Italian Dolomites in Trentino Alto Adige, is an elongated mountain lake surrounded by lush greenery, towering mountain peaks and the emerald waters of the lake itself. The charming wooden promenade along the shore of the lake allows visitors to take leisurely strolls, while the area around the lake is great for nature walks, biking and even going for a swim. Views of Dolomite peaks can be enjoyed from the shore or admired while paddling in the tranquil waters by boat. The most iconic aspect of Lago di Braies is the historic wooden pier which extends out into the lake and creates a picturesque scene. The reflection of the mountains and trees on the crystal clear surface of the lake is truly breathtaking.

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