Lac Leman

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Lac Leman - Desde Pully Pier, Switzerland
Lac Leman - Desde Pully Pier, Switzerland
@patrick_janser - Unsplash
Lac Leman
📍 Desde Pully Pier, Switzerland
Lac Léman, also known as Lake Geneva, is an incredible body of water located in the Swiss canton of Vaud at the foot of the Alps. Whether lucky enough to live on its captivating shores or just stopping by, there is a lot to do in the area.

You will find spectacular views from either side of the lake, from forests on the east and high mountains on the west. Pully, a small town on the north shores, is situated jutting out over the lake and is a great spot to go and watch the sunset or have a picnic by the waterfront. This picturesque landscape is made up of vineyards, rolling hills, and incredible glaciers with the powerful Rhone River flowing into the lake from the Alps. You can also explore it by bike along the lakeside path or by sailboat, or have even have a dip in the crystal clear waters if the weather permits. The scenery around the lake is home to several heritage sites, such as Europe's oldest onion dome located right in front of the lake, and Château de Chillon: a legendary castle built on a rocky islet accessible by bridges. The beauty of Lac Leman doesn’t stop there. A number of elegant and charming towns are dotted around its banks, each packed with unique architecture, cafés and shops. This is truly a destination to keep on your bucket list and make sure not to miss.

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