Lac de Salanfe

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Lac de Salanfe - Desde Trail, Switzerland
Lac de Salanfe - Desde Trail, Switzerland
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Lac de Salanfe
📍 Desde Trail, Switzerland
Lac de Salanfe, in Evionnaz, Switzerland, is a stunning emerald-colored lake set against a backdrop of soaring mountains. The sight is a captivating one and perfect for photographers to capture. Unfortunately, swimming is prohibited in the lake due to dangerous undercurrents in the water. Though you won't be able to get in the lake, you can still explore its beauty further by taking a guided tour along its perimeter. The lake is known as the second bluest lake in Switzerland and its crystal-clear water reflects the small town of Evionnaz nearby. The lake's shore is enveloped in green meadows, trees, and vibrant wildflowers, making it a great spot for a leisurely picnic. It is also possible to rent kayaks and canoes at a nearby resort to navigate the lake. Visitors can also explore the surrounding hiking trails to discover the stunning views of Lac de Salanfe and the nearby area.

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