La Roche sur Yon

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La Roche sur Yon - Desde Place Napoléon, France
La Roche sur Yon - Desde Place Napoléon, France
La Roche sur Yon
📍 Desde Place Napoléon, France
La Roche sur Yon is a historic Alsatian town in the heart of western France. It boasts a fabulous architectural heritage as well as endearing cobbled streets, a beautiful medieval church and a charming pedestrian quarter. The heart of the town is the Place Napoléon, an elegant square surrounded by fine colonial-style buildings and shady cloisters. At its centre stands the impressive Statue of Justice symbolizing the town’s commitment to law and order. Other notable attractions are the 12th century castle, the neoclassical prefecture and the equally impressive Town Hall. Lovers of history can also visit the Renaissance buildings, the 1900s bridges, and the city ramparts. La Roche sur Yon offers numerous culinary treats: the local specialty of pig's trotters with shallots are a must try. You can also enjoy the incredible seafood restaurants near the harbor, the boutique cafes and bistros that line the city’s cobbled alleys, or the bustling market. Exploring the surroundings is also a great option—a stroll through the villas in the gardens, a visit to the outstanding parks and botanical gardens, or a cycle ride through the scenic forest.

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