La Prioria

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La Prioria - Desde Vittoriale degli Italiani, Italy
La Prioria - Desde Vittoriale degli Italiani, Italy
La Prioria
📍 Desde Vittoriale degli Italiani, Italy
Located in the stunning Italian Riviera, La Prioria and the Vittoriale degli Italiani are two sites that are sure to amaze you with their unique and beautiful monuments. La Prioria is an historic cemetery which is the burial place of many Italian notables and historically important figures, a tribute to the entire nation's culture, social and artistic history. Vittoriale degli Italiani is a complex dating back to the 1920s and is the extensive residence of the renowned poet and patriot Gabriele d'Annunzio. This extraordinary building houses fascinating monuments, vast gardens, and glimmering fountains. The structures are a remarkable example of the fusion of classic and modern designs. The site also contains the heritage library of d'Annunzio, which is home to rare books, manuscripts, works of art, and an impressive collection of souvenirs. A visit to this incredible place is an opportunity to explore a larger-than-life vision of a European cultural and political icon.

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