La Comédie Française

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La Comédie Française - Desde Rue de Richelieu, France
La Comédie Française - Desde Rue de Richelieu, France
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La Comédie Française
📍 Desde Rue de Richelieu, France
La Comédie-Française, also known as the Théâtre-Français, is one of the oldest theatrical and dramatic institutions in the world. Founded in 1680 and located in Paris, France, it is the only institution in France to have held uninterrupted performances ever since. La Comédie-Française has become an iconic symbol of France’s theatrical heritage, hosting various classique works and new productions each year. Its repertoire includes productions from Pierre Corneille’s Le Cid, Moliere’s Le Misanthrope and Jean Racine’s Phèdre. Notable contemporary writers who have had their works produced here include August Strindberg, Franz Kafka and Henrik Ibsen. It also features performances of Greek tragedies and works of classic and modern French and international operas, ballet and mime. The building is also emblematic of French neoclassical architecture, featuring pillars and carved stone façades and wonderfully detailed interior designs. Also situated in the theatre is the Musée de la Comédie-Française, which exhibits paintings and costumes used in past productions at the theatre and offers guided tours. La Comédie-Française is a must-see for any theatre or art lover visiting Paris.

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