La Boverie

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La Boverie - Desde Courtyards, Belgium
La Boverie - Desde Courtyards, Belgium
La Boverie
📍 Desde Courtyards, Belgium
La Boverie is an old, historical museum of fine art in Liège, Belgium. Located near the banks of the Meuse river and surrounded by lush parks, La Boverie offers a unique cultural experience to explore the history of art and popular culture in Belgium. The museum features collections ranging from works of modern and contemporary art to archaeological objects and various multimedia experiences. International art exhibitions and workshops are also organized year round. Visitors can experience the amazing talent of local and international modern and contemporary artists and the vibrant culture of Liège. La Boverie is also home to a sculpture garden, featuring monumental works of international sculptors and modern design. It's the perfect spot to take in the sights and sounds of Liège.

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