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Krämerbrücke - Desde Erfurt, Germany
Krämerbrücke - Desde Erfurt, Germany
📍 Desde Erfurt, Germany
Krämerbrücke is the most iconic attraction in Erfurt, Germany. Located in the heart of this lively city, the bridge is considered one of the most spectacular architectural features of the Middle Ages and is one of Germany's oldest half-timbered buildings. Adorning the bridge are numerous intricately carved merchant and craftsman signs, including a wheelwrights, tanners, and a cooper’s workshop. On the east side of the bridge, there is also a statue of St. Martin, the patron saint of Erfurt that dates back to the 16th century. The 12houses dating back to 14th–17th century surrounding the bridge are closed to the public but have a great view from the bridge. Although the bridge is perfect for photography, like many historic structures in Erfurt, it is restricted to car traffic, so there is plenty of space to take pictures.

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