Kootenai Falls

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Kootenai Falls - Desde Viewpoint, United States
Kootenai Falls - Desde Viewpoint, United States
@stp_com - Unsplash
Kootenai Falls
📍 Desde Viewpoint, United States
Kootenai Falls is a stunning natural wonder located in Kootenai Falls, Montana, United States. Comprised of a two-tiered waterfall in a wide and deep canyon on the Kootenai River, Kootenai Falls features some of the most picturesque views in Western Montana. The lower falls span a vast 180 feet and drop into a glacial pool beneath the Peace Carved Bridge. The upper falls are even more magnificent, as they plunge 230 feet down a steep canyon, making it the tallest waterfall in Montana.

Nestled in the Kootenai National Forest along the Kootenai River, Kootenai Falls is only a 2-mile drive away from the nearest town. Surrounded by old-growth cedars which have been standing for hundreds of years, this place is full of wildlife including beavers and ospreys. Hiking trails abound in the area and provide ample opportunities to see these animals in their natural environment. The scenery around Kootenai Falls is simply breathtaking and perfect for photographers. From ancient cedars to ridges, enormous cliffs to babbling rapids, stepping into this picturesque landscape is truly awe-inspiring. Visitors can also enjoy the two suspended decks for bird watching and picture taking, as well as a handful of footbridges along the trails.

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