Knossos Palace

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Knossos Palace - Greece
Knossos Palace - Greece
Knossos Palace
📍 Greece
Knossos Palace is one of the most important archaeological sites located in Knossos, Greece. It was the ceremonial center of Bronze Age Crete and was the capital of the Minoan culture. It was home to the legendary King Minos. The original palace dates from the 1700 BC, although some of the later structures were built in the 1400’s BC by the Mycenaeans. Visitors can explore the complex of the palace and its surrounding courtyards, the royal apartments, and a labyrinth of corridors and passageways. The restored artwork includes frescoes and wall paintings depicting the Minoan culture. There are also replicas of many of the monumental pieces of furniture that would have been used by Minoan royalty. Outside the palace are Minoan structures that depict the culture's distinctive art and architecture.

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