Kalvária Banská Štiavnica

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Kalvária Banská Štiavnica - Desde Drone, Slovakia
Kalvária Banská Štiavnica - Desde Drone, Slovakia
@martinkatler - Unsplash
Kalvária Banská Štiavnica
📍 Desde Drone, Slovakia
Kalvária Banská Štiavnica is a unique tourist attraction in Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia. It is a complex of two churches – Calvary and the Chapel of Visitation - located on the top of a hill. It was built in 1745 according to the plans of the famous local architect, Andreas Kirchmayer.

Kalvária Banská Štiavnica is a popular destination for visitors of Banská Štiavnica as well as for photographers. The main attraction of this site is the majestic and peaceful atmosphere that is created by its two churches situated on top of a hill surrounded by meadows. Visitors can also admire the impressive statuary that decorates the complex. Aside from its artistic and spiritual values, Kalvária Banská Štiavnica is also an excellent place to take in some beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. From the top, it is possible to admire the picturesque Grešík Hill and the magnificent valleys and mountains beyond.

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