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Junyongtang - Desde 308 Road, China
Junyongtang - Desde 308 Road, China
📍 Desde 308 Road, China
Junyongtang is an amazing spot situated in the Dongla Mountain region of Yushu, China. This secluded spot is a great place to capture fresh and peaceful views and take some time out from city life. It's one of the top attractions in Yushu and provides some of the best views. After driving along the winding mountain roads, the breathtaking landscapes spread before your eyes include meadows, two lakes, the snow-capped Bala Mountain and mushroom-shaped rocks. Sometimes you may even spot Tibetan Antelope and Tibetan Wild Ass. It's a great destination for camping, heading outdoors for an adventure, enjoying some stunning scenery and finding some beautiful photo ops. You don't have to worry about technology either, as it's free from telephone and internet services, making it a great place to relax and disconnect from the rest of the world.

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