Josselin Castle

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Josselin Castle - Desde Rue du Canal, France
Josselin Castle - Desde Rue du Canal, France
Josselin Castle
📍 Desde Rue du Canal, France
Josselin Castle, located in the commune of Josselin in northwestern France, is a medieval castle that stands proudly at the bend of the Oust river. It has stood as a symbol of Breton history since the 10th century. The imposing castle towers are 115 feet high, and the castle has strong walls and protective drawbridges crossing the river. It contains a main hall, axial chapel, guard room and dungeon, and has a large moated courtyard. Inside, it has a magnificent collection of tapestries and other fine furnishings. The castle is open to the public and the outer walls are accesible free of charge. A visit inside the castle is possible with a guided tour, and gives visitors a real feeling of what it must have been like to see it in its historical glory. With its stunning architecture, Josselin castle is a must-see.

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