Joshua's Bridge

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Joshua's Bridge - Desde Tasha's Trail, United States
Joshua's Bridge - Desde Tasha's Trail, United States
@baitman - Unsplash
Joshua's Bridge
📍 Desde Tasha's Trail, United States
Joshua's Bridge is a popular tourist spot located on the shore of Lake Ann, United States. The bridge is so named because it is built in the shape of a fish, making the location look like a giant game of dockside hopscotch! This is a great spot to spend an afternoon, with plenty of opportunities to view the lake, wildlife, and a fantastic backdrop of rolling hills. There are several picnic spots and benches scattered along the shore, making this an ideal destination for a family outing. For the more adventurous traveler, try kayaking, canoeing or fishing on the lake. Head out in the evening and take in a breathtaking sunset over the lake. For photographers, there are plenty of places to take great shots of the bridge, the lake and its breathtaking views, and even the nearby wildlife.

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