John Hancock

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John Hancock - Desde Below, United States
John Hancock - Desde Below, United States
@drew_hays - Unsplash
John Hancock
📍 Desde Below, United States
John Hancock, originally a representative of Massachusetts in the Continental Congress, is memorialized through a building in downtown Chicago, Illinois. The John Hancock Center, completed in 1969, is one of the most recognizable skyscrapers in Chicago and holds the fourth highest points in the city. Architects Perkins and Will designed the building with an angular face south view, which accentuates its 100-story height. Inside the building, there is a health and fitness club, a swimming pool, and three observation decks—allowing visitors hundreds of feet up to take photos of the stunning Chicago skyline. The building sits in the city's Magnificent Mile neighborhood and is within walking distance of many luxury shopping boutiques.

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