Joffre Lakes Trail

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Joffre Lakes Trail - Desde Lower Joffre Lake, Canada
Joffre Lakes Trail - Desde Lower Joffre Lake, Canada
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Joffre Lakes Trail
📍 Desde Lower Joffre Lake, Canada
Located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, the Joffre Lakes Trail is a must-visit for anyone in search of the perfect outdoor adventure! The route begins at the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park Parking Lot, and it leads hikers around three stunning glacier-fed lakes. The most visually impressive of the three, Lower Joffre Lake, stands particularly tall due to an impressive cascading waterfall. Be sure to watch your footing – the trail is filled with roots, mud fields, and rugged terrain! No matter the difficulty, the views along the way are worth the effort, with luscious cedars, menacing mountain ranges and murmuring streams. The trail can be enjoyed in one day and the longest route is only 8.9 km, but the reward of fresh air, stunning views and the peaceful sounds of wind in the trees awaits!

For the nature lover, the trail offers all sorts of opportunities, from crystal blue waters, to lush forests, to a majestic mountain range in the distance, to the various wildlife inhabiting the area. It’s home to coyotes, deer, rodents and bears, among other species – so keep an eye out! The expansive shorelines and multiple stops along the way free up plenty of chances for a leisurely break, a picnic, or just an opportunity to get some amazing shots. So, make sure to bring your camera! With that said, the trail is best enjoyed with someone else – safety first! With all that said, the tranquility of Joffre Lakes Trail and Lower Joffre Lake is not to be missed!

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