Jardin de la Perrine

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Jardin de la Perrine - France
Jardin de la Perrine - France
Jardin de la Perrine
📍 France
Jardin de La Perrine is an historical garden located in Laval, France. This public park is situated in the town centre and boasts historic monuments, lush meadows, and a peaceful atmosphere. The park is home to the Tomb of Philippe de Gueldres, who was a French nobleman and a son of Count Philippot de Gueldres. The garden features a large meadow with a variety of shrubs, ornamental trees, and colorful flowers. Visitors can also enjoy a peaceful stroll among the numerous pathways, along with sculptures and fountains dotted around. The garden also serves as a perfect spot to relax with a good book or a snack. Picnic tables are also available. The garden is a popular destination for joggers and dog walkers, who come for its lush atmosphere and historical ambiance.

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