Isola Superiore

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Isola Superiore - Desde North Side, Italy
Isola Superiore - Desde North Side, Italy
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Isola Superiore
📍 Desde North Side, Italy
Isola Superiore is one of two small islands on Isola Bella, a popular tourist destination in Lake Maggiore, Italy. The island is located adjacent to the larger Isola Bella, to which it is connected through a magnificent terraced garden. This is a popular attraction for tourists, as it offers panoramic views of Lake Maggiore. On Isola Superiore there is a small palace, the Palazzina, which is breathtaking and surrounded by a beautiful park with lush vegetation including a variety of trees and flowers. Further on, the gardens and paths lead to the grand terrace overlooking the lake. Visitors can also explore the small Museum of Natural History, which houses a collection of interesting natural artifacts, such as fossils, minerals, and plants. Here, tourists can also visit an aquarium with a collection of lake fish. Lastly, visitors should not miss the secluded viewpoint of the village of Isola Superiore. Visitors to Isola Superiore can enjoy the beauty of the lake, architecture, gardens, and the rich history of the island.

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