Isla de los Lobos

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Isla de los Lobos - Desde Ferry, Argentina
Isla de los Lobos - Desde Ferry, Argentina
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Isla de los Lobos
📍 Desde Ferry, Argentina
Isla de los Lobos, also known as Wolf Island, is an Argentinean island situated in the Beagle Channel in the Province of Tierra del Fuego. It is a free nature reserve and is home to hundreds of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic wildlife species, making it a great destination for animal lovers and nature photographers. It is known for its large population of South American sea lions and a variety of bird species, such as black-browed albatrosses, giant petrels and cormorants. Visitors can also spot Magellanic penguins, whales and dolphins while they explore the island. There are some hiking trails on the island where you can observe the wildlife and take beautiful landscape photographs. Access to the island is only possible by boat as no vehicles are allowed. The closest port of departure to Isla de los Lobos is Ushuaia, in the province of Tierra del Fuego.

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