Inverness Castle

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Inverness Castle - Desde Flora Macdonald Statue, United Kingdom
Inverness Castle - Desde Flora Macdonald Statue, United Kingdom
@iamthomasurquhart - Unsplash
Inverness Castle
📍 Desde Flora Macdonald Statue, United Kingdom
Inverness Castle is a historic castle in the Highland Council in Scotland, United Kingdom. The castle was first constructed during the early 13th century and most of it was demolished in 1845. What remains today is a unique combination of the original ramparts and the Victorian State Prison, which are visible from the city's main street. Inverness Castle offers wonderful views of the Ness River, Ness Islands and the city centre, as well as a wide range of interesting sights within it. Visitors to the castle can explore the Governor's Hall and see the Prison Cells and the Eternal Flame in the Prison Chapel. The Eternal Flame symbolises the courage and determination of the prisoners who were held here. There is also a War Memorial to remember those who served in the Second World War. Take a guided tour and explore the archaeology of the castle's past, or visit the exhibition of Highland artists to get a slice of Inverness' vibrant art culture. For those who don't want to explore the castle, there are plenty of nearby attractions, including Inverness Museum and Art Gallery, Inverness Botanic Gardens, and Inverness River Walk. There is something for everyone, so come and explore Inverness Castle and experience a unique, historic part of Scotland!

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