Ilha Branca

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Ilha Branca - Desde Praia das Conchas, Brazil
Ilha Branca - Desde Praia das Conchas, Brazil
Ilha Branca
📍 Desde Praia das Conchas, Brazil
The Island of Ilha Branca, located close to the beaches of Buzios in Brazil, is an idyllic haven of natural beauty. The clear, blue waters of the ocean offer serenity and pristine aquamarine vistas so that you can explore and experience the wonderful coast of Brazil. You can take a boat tour around the island, sunbathe on the white sandy beach and take a variety of activities like snorkeling or diving, to fully take advantage of the spectacular ocean life. Praia das Conchas is one of the most popular beaches in this region, renowned for its tranquility, its crystal clear waters and its breathtaking views. Park your car and go to the beach. Enjoy the calmness of the place or take a romantic walk by the side of the sea. There are also bars and restaurants where you can have a delightful time.

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