Île marken

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Île marken - Desde Maxima Brug, Netherlands
Île marken - Desde Maxima Brug, Netherlands
Île marken
📍 Desde Maxima Brug, Netherlands
Île Marken is a small fishing village located off the coast of Marken in the Netherlands. It is connected to Marken by the Maxima Brug, a wooden sand bar built in 1927 which doubles as a drawbridge. The area has a rich history as a fishing village, which is reflected in its cobblestone street, timber-framed houses, small wooden piers, and a network of small canals which wind around the island. Visitors to Île Marken can explore its array of art galleries, museums, restaurants, and shops, as well as take in views of the harbor from the old lighthouse. The island is also home to a small bird population and provides an excellent setting for strolling, cycling, or taking in the picturesque waterways. Have your camera ready for stunning photographic opportunities!

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