îke de Boëdic

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îke de Boëdic - Desde River, France
îke de Boëdic - Desde River, France
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îke de Boëdic
📍 Desde River, France
ôke de Boëdic, located in Séné, France, is a stunning location offering one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the region. This majestic islet is situated on the Gulf of Morbihan, facing the Bottrop archipelago. It's the perfect place to go swimming, with access to the sea enclosed by a rocky wall and clear waters. From the island shores, visitors can also enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area. There's also an observation tower on the islet, which offers an opportunity to observe innumerable species of sea birds.

The entire islet of ôke de Boëdic has been declared a conservation zone, containing multiple resources of flora and fauna, with its dunes and meadows, inhabited by a variety of animal species. Wildlife watchers can spot several species such as badger, weasels and hares. Visitors can also explore the island by foot, visiting the many limestone caverns or visiting the abandoned 17th-century fort. Whether you are a wildlife watcher, a nature photographer or a landscape photographer, ôke de Boëdic is one of the best places in France for discovering nature in all its grandeur.

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