Iberdrola Dorrea

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Iberdrola Dorrea - Desde Below, Spain
Iberdrola Dorrea - Desde Below, Spain
Iberdrola Dorrea
📍 Desde Below, Spain
Iberdrola Dorrea is a popular destination in Bilbo, Spain. Located at the foot of mount Ertzaintza, the structure dates back to 1897 when the first coal-fired electricity plant was constructed at this site. In addition to a four-storey high factory building, a 35-metre tall chimney is a prominent feature of the building. The area has become a popular hangout for locals and visitors since its opening to the public in 2017. Take a walk around the grounds and enjoy the architecture and views. In spring, the trees and grass come alive, making it a charming place to stroll around. The nearby bay of Mundaka and river Butron offers scenic views and plenty of photography opportunities. The area is also home to several interesting historical monuments, including the Monument to the Fallen of the 1936–1939 War and the Monument to the Heroes of Euskadi.

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