Humboldt Forum

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Humboldt Forum - Desde Museumsinsel, Germany
Humboldt Forum - Desde Museumsinsel, Germany
Humboldt Forum
📍 Desde Museumsinsel, Germany
Berlin is home to the Humboldt Forum and Museumsinsel, a series of interconnected museums, monuments, and sites located in the heart of the city. The Humboldt Forum is a palace-like structure with an impressive neoclassical façade; it houses several different exhibition areas as well as a library dedicated to the history and culture of Berlin and its diverse population. Museumsinsel is an island in the River Spree, connected to the west bank by two bridges. It's home to five iconic museums: Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Pergamon Museum, Bode Museum, and the Alte Nationalgalerie. All of these institutions feature vast art collections and exhibits, some of which span back to the city's earliest inhabitants. Whether a traveler is after art, history, or cultural insight, both the Humboldt Forum and Museumsinsel make great spots for a visit.

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