Howth Cliff

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Howth Cliff - Desde Balscadden Road, Ireland
Howth Cliff - Desde Balscadden Road, Ireland
@blancavch - Unsplash
Howth Cliff
📍 Desde Balscadden Road, Ireland
Howth Cliff is a picturesque village located on the east side of Dublin, Ireland. The small fishing village has stunning views of the Irish Sea, with its coastline of jutting cliffs and rolling hills. It is a popular spot for walkers, nature lovers and photographers. In Howth Cliff you can find beautiful rock formations and historic ruins. Some of the popular attractions include the Baily Lighthouse, the Baily Lighthouse carpark, the Martello Tower, St. Mary's Church, the Harbour and Fishing Village and the harbor beach. There are some great spots for bird-watching, with puffins and guillemots aplenty. There are also a number of small cafes, pubs and restaurants in the area, along with a tea house. All of these places offer some excellent options for photography and sightseeing in Howth Cliffs.

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