Hospital de Santiago

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Hospital de Santiago - Desde Inside, Spain
Hospital de Santiago - Desde Inside, Spain
@jorgefdezsalas - Unsplash
Hospital de Santiago
📍 Desde Inside, Spain
Hospital de Santiago is one of the most striking and remarkable structures of medieval Spain. It was built in 1535 and was a hospital, monastery, and residence for the important military order of Santiago. The building has an impressive rectangular plan with three courtyards. The entrance is guarded by a porch with four Gothic arches, over which rises a tower. Inside, there are fantasy-like, twisted stone columns, pointed arches and an elaborate coffered ceiling painted in blue. The Renaissance style cloister is decorated with finely crafted marble and also contains an interesting museum. Hospital de Santiago is an impressive and unique building, a must-see for travelers, not only for its impressive architecture, but also for its historical importance.

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