Horseshoe Bay

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Horseshoe Bay - United Kingdom
Horseshoe Bay - United Kingdom
@seitamaaphotography - Unsplash
Horseshoe Bay
📍 United Kingdom
Horseshoe Bay is one of the most popular beaches on the beautiful island of Bermuda. This breathtaking stretch of white sand lies at the base of an equally picturesque 90-meter-high limestone cliff. The bay is named for its distinctive crescent shape, a formation created by the pounding waves over thousands of years. Swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing and other water sports are popular. Facilities here include bathrooms, lifeguards and even a beach bar. Beach-goers can arrive by taxi or take the pink, local buses. Nearby, the Tobacco Bay has a natural grotto and crystal clear waters. Explore the vibrant coral reefs, which provide a great home to tropical fish and other sea creatures. The east end of Horseshoe Bay also offers seclusion for those wanting some privacy.

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