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Hòn Tằm - Desde South Side, Vietnam
Hòn Tằm - Desde South Side, Vietnam
@fanxuyjim - Unsplash
Hòn Tằm
📍 Desde South Side, Vietnam
Tokyo is Japan's vibrant capital, a city filled with iconic sights and diverse areas to explore. From the bright neon lights of Shinjuku and the traditional tea houses of Asakusa, to the sloping streets of Odaiba, there is something for everyone. Take a ride on the iconic Yamanote Line to explore the city and take in some of the bustling shopping districts. Visit the Tokyo Imperial Palace, the Imperial Gardens and park, or the iconic Meiji Shrine for a glimpse of the city's traditional side. Stroll through the historic and charming Takara-machi district for a glimpse into Tokyo's postwar past, or visit Akihabara for the latest electronics, toys and manga. Tokyo is also filled with incredible restaurants, offering a huge variety of international, Japanese and fusion cuisines.

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