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Hemisfèric - Desde South Side, Spain
Hemisfèric - Desde South Side, Spain
@anaaabd - Unsplash
📍 Desde South Side, Spain
The Hemisfèric is a unique building in Valencia, Spain, that houses an IMAX cinema, planetarium, and laserium. It is located in the City of Arts and Sciences complex, an up-and-coming cultural area of the city. The building is shaped like a half-sphere, and is designed to look like an eye. The building has an enormous dome on the outside, composed of 2,200 triangular elements coated in white glass. Inside, a 600-seat auditorium is filled with the latest IMAX technologies. Visitors get a 360° immersive experience when watching feature-length films or captivating laser shows. The dome also houses the interactive Universal Astronomy Center, as well as a public observatory where visitors can enjoy telescopes and astronomical events. With its advanced technologies and innovative design, the Hemisfèric is a mesmerizing attraction for any traveler.

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