Hanalei Bay

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Hanalei Bay - Desde Viewpoint, United States
Hanalei Bay - Desde Viewpoint, United States
@gkumar2175 - Unsplash
Hanalei Bay
📍 Desde Viewpoint, United States
Hanalei Bay, located in the small town of Hanalei, Hawaii is an excellent destination for beach-goers and photographers alike. The bay is surrounded by lush greenery with an iconic mountain in the backdrop, making it an ideal spot for ocean photography. The beach is wide and long, making it perfect for an afternoon of lounging and swimming, and due to its unique location the bay is almost always tranquil and calm. There is a picturesque bridge that crosses the bay and provides a fantastic foreground for the many colors the sky can provide. On the north end of Hanalei Bay, visitors can explore the famous Black Pot Beach Park which highlights the natural beauty of the island. With its bright colors, tranquil waters, and lush scenery, Hanalei Bay is a photographer’s paradise.

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