H. Andreas kerk

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H. Andreas kerk - Desde Drone, Netherlands
H. Andreas kerk - Desde Drone, Netherlands
@sanderweeteling - Unsplash
H. Andreas kerk
📍 Desde Drone, Netherlands
The H. Andreas Kerk is a former Catholic Church located in Groessen, Netherlands. It dates to the 15th century and was built as a tribute to Saint Andrew. The Church has a Gothic style and a large wall adorns it. Inside, the Church is decorated with various statues and frescoes depicting religious stories, still very well preserved. The small sanctuary of the Church features a magnificent choir and an organ that has been played for many years and still works. The wooden altar creates a wonderful atmosphere and the side chapels are full of religious artefacts. There is also an archaeological site near the Church where you can explore the remains of the former monasteries and other old buildings. H. Andreas Kerk is a great place to visit for those who appreciate history and culture.

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